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Superior medical care in Statesboro

Finding a local doctor that you can trust can sometimes seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but you can feel confident in your choice when you come to the office of Moogerfeld Internal Medicine. We'll take care of you and your loved ones with the superior medical services you can count on.

Wide variety of services

Whether you're in need of a stress test or you want an update on your high blood pressure, you can trust the outstanding services of Moogerfeld Internal Medicine. We provide services in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Functioning Tests, Physicals, EKGs and Holder Monitoring, Preventative Care, Diabetic Education, Acute Care, Women's Health, and Dermatology. You can also talk to any of our talented physicians about treating your Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid Disease, Nerve Condition, Arthritis, or Pulmonary Disease.
Doctor injecting a patient to provide superior medical care in Statesboro, GA

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General practice

At  Moogerfeld Internal Medicine, we care for patients of all ages with a variety of medical problems. Our Primary Care Physicians are experienced with everything from colds and routine visits to high blood pressure and heart disease. We specialize in Internal Medicine, as well as health and wellness.

Preventative care

Routine check-ups and physicals are an important part of your preventative care. Through these annual check-ups, we can assess your overall health and provide helpful tips and advice for healthy living. We can also catch certain problems before they become major issues, so don't wait until you know something is really wrong! Schedule your routine check-up today!
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